Mobile Marketing Is The Game Changer

Sometimes with mobile marketing being all the rage right now, the true marketing potential gets lost in all the noise. Mobile marketing has transformed the way that customers and prospects interact with companies. Mobile devices are now used for email, search and purchases on the go. This can translate into real money for companies that are able to take advantage of the impulse mobile buy. The downside is for companies that are not ready for the mobile consumer 24 hours a day. Don’t think of mobile marketing as just another channel. Mobile needs to be integrated into all of your channels.

Direct Mail: The Visual Experience

 In order to grab the attention of recipients, direct mail needs to appeal to them visually. Graphic designers have known about this for years. However, with the many advances in brain science recently there is a shift in how to better grab that visual attention. Let’s take a look at how to create the best visual experience for your recipients.