The Direct Mail Touch

Touch is a necessary component to life as well as to communication. Since many marketing channels today are digital, direct mail really stands out with its ability to touch people and be touched by them.

What Do Low Email Open Rates Really Mean?

Many email marketers are faced with falling email open rates. There can be many factors involved, but the first thing that must be done is to see if you have a problem. Overtime a slow decline in open rates is expected, however if you have had a drastic drop you need to determine why. These are some common problems that face email marketing today, but there are things you can do to combat them.

Direct Mail: Imagine The Possibilities

Stop for a minute to consider how to revolutionize your direct mail. Technology now exists that allows us to take a 2D mailer and turn it into a 3D experience with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. This provides you with the opportunity to engage your customers and prospects in a whole new way.