Top 3 Mobile Marketing Tips

Phones and tablets have taken over our desktops and laptops. With that in mind our marketing plans need to include mobile. All planning should start with mobile first thinking. Mobile is not just text messaging, it’s our websites, our shopping carts, our emails, our social media and everything else.

How To Create Winning Political Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful tool for your political campaign. It influences the opinions and actions of voters. There are many digital options out there now that are not anywhere near as effective as direct mail. Unlike a business that is selling products or services over a long period of time, you need to convince people to vote for you or your proposition in a short period of time. Your sole goal is to win.

Direct Mail Postcards: Size Matters

The first hurdle in direct mail is getting noticed. Postcards are very effective at that, since no envelope needs to be opened. Images and copy are easily seen to capture attention. Better still is a larger postcard that stands out in the mail box.