2022 Email Marketing Metrics

In 2022 you should be tracking a wide variety of email marketing metrics to make sure that your emails perform they way you need them to. Paying close attention to subscriber behavior is key to driving response. What metrics are you tracking?

Can QR Codes Help Your Direct Mail in 2022?

QR codes, or quick response codes were created by the Japanese in 1994 for quality control in manufacturing. In 2022, marketers are using QR codes in innovative ways to provide customers with product information, videos, to drive sales and more. They don’t have to be boring black dots either, you can embed an image as well as use colors. You can create direct mail in 2022 that is creative, fun, interactive and has a great response rate!

How To Avoid Fulfillment Lost Packages?

Customers who place an order with you trust that they will get what they ordered delivered on time. We all know that there are times when issues arise and the package does not arrive. Fulfillment lost packages happen to everyone, however there are steps you can take to help ensure that your packages are not lost. We have created a short list of things to do before you ship your package.

Successful Generational Direct Mail

Creating successful generational direct mail is important. Looking at direct mail through the lens of generations is very helpful in increasing your response rates. As brains age they change and the way we need to target people also changes. Since the majority of the buying public falls into 3 generations now, we will focus on Boomers, Gen X and Millennials.