2022 Fulfillment 101

In 2022 the package volume has increased exponentially as over the course of two years more and more people are ordering online. Fulfillment and packaging are more than just shipping out materials. They are the key to your company’s success. You need the materials to be shipped correctly, on time, and in good condition in order to meet your staff and clients’ expectations. That is why having the correct fulfillment company is now required.

USPS Informed Delivery Direct Mail Increases Response

Direct mail is a very powerful marketing channel that can be enhanced by adding informed delivery. What is informed delivery? Basically, you provide to your customers and prospects more touch points, more impressions and therefore create more impact. The USPS offers a free service to subscribers which sends an email to them with an image of that day’s mail. The default images are not in color since they are scanned on postal equipment. When you participate in an informed delivery campaign, you can replace that image with a color image and even add a web link for quick purchasing or information about your product or service.

2022 Facebook Social Media Marketing

Click to Share2022 Facebook Social Media Marketing In 2022 getting the most out of your Facebook and Instagram ads is important. The best creative ever will not work if your strategy is wrong. We have put together some Ad tips as well as strategy to get the best ROI...

Combine Direct Mail With Digital Marketing for 2022

Why combine your direct mail with digital marketing? So you can increase your response rate between 23 to 46%! Direct mail has been around for a very long time and it is easy to continue to send mail the same way it was done 20 years ago, but this is much less effective now. Direct mail marketing in 2022 is so much more targeted and personalized which makes it more effective.

Marketing Considerations to Make When Expanding Your Business

When you’re expanding your business, whether by launching a new product or service or simply moving into a new market, your marketing efforts will make or break your endeavor. Solid marketing is what makes a new product (or service) launch a success. On the other hand, poor marketing, reports Fortunly, is what causes a significant number (14 percent) of businesses to fall short of their targets or fail outright.