How long does it take to print and mail my piece?

On average it takes 7 to 10 working days to print and get your mail piece delivered to the post office.

How long does it take the post office to deliver my mail?

 On average local mail delivery is about 3- 4 days for letter size presorted standard mail. Flat size mail takes longer about 4-7 days. First class mail delivers locally in 1-2 days. If you mail is national standard rate delivery is about 7-14 days and first class is 2-4 days.

What is the cheapest mail piece?

Postcards are the cheapest to print and if you mail is not local mailing at postcard rates will get you the cheapest postage. To qualify for postcard rate you will need to design your card for a 4.25 x 6 size and mail at presorted first class postage rates.

What is the largest size piece I can mail for letter size postage?

This will be 2 sizes. If you are mailing a self-mailer the max size is 6 x 10.5. If you are mailing in an envelope or a postcard your max size is 6.125 x 11.5.

Do I have to use tabs to close my mailer?

No, you can use fugitive glue to hold your mailer closed rather than tabs.

How do I know if my envelopes are machinable?

Envelopes need to have what is called a commercial flap in order to be machinable. 6 x 9, 9 x 12 and 10 x 13 envelopes need to be booklet envelopes, this means the flap is on the long edge.

What format should my list be in?

We can use lists that are in excel, dbf, txt, csv or access. Your data should all be separated so that first name is in a column, last name is in one, company is in one and so on. Do not use punctuation or foreign characters. Do not use enter within fields.

My list is old how can I get it updated?

We can run NCOA that goes back 48 months to update old addresses. If you are worried that some people on your list may have passed away we can run the file against the government’s deceased data.

How can I mail raffle tickets for our fundraiser?

In order to mail raffle tickets you have to have the words suggested donation on each ticket otherwise the post office considers it a lottery and will not allow them to mail.

How can I know when people receive my mail pieces?

You can track your mail and get reports on when the mail pieces reach people’s homes. There is an extra fee for this, but it helps to know when they arrive in order to plan out additional touches such as social media and email.

How can I make my direct mail more effective?

That will depend on what you are sending and who you are sending to. We should have a specific conversation with you to determine what your best options are. Sometimes we need to change up an offer, a list or a design to get better results. You should also consider multiple channels for marketing touch points so along with direct mail include things like social media, email and Google ads.

Where does an address need to be on a flat size mailer?

The address needs to be in the top half of the short edge.

Where does the address need to be on a letter size mailer?

The address needs to be at least ½ inch from the right edge and at least 5/8 from the bottom edge. Along with no farther from the bottom edge than 3 inches.

When do I need a return address on my mail piece?

When you mail at nonprofit rates or when you use presorted standard stamps you need a return address

How much space do I need to leave for an address?

You should leave a 4 x 2 area for the address and barcode free of ink and coatings.

I want to use a coating on my mailer, can you still inkjet it?

Yes if you use either a satin aqueous or soft touch coating we can inkjet over that.

We are a nonprofit can we mail at nonprofit postage rates?

That depends on two things, first you need to have been approved by the post office to mail at nonprofit rates. Once you do that they will give you  a six digit authorization number which we will need in order to mail. Second your mail piece needs to qualify for those rates. To qualify you must be mailing on behalf of yourself only, you must mail at least 200 pieces, you must not have advertising on the piece and your company name and address must be on the piece.