How To Save Money On Direct Mail Postage In 2021

With the largest direct mail postage rate increase ever, scheduled for August 29th, 2021, finding ways to save on postage for the rest of the year is very important! Do you have a planned strategy to not only save money on postage but really stand out and increase your response rate?

Why More Equals Less With Direct Mail

Yes, we are saying that more actually gets you less as far as results with direct mail. Don’t be fooled by the notion that more choices, more text, or more offers is better. That does not hold up to reality. It is harder for your prospects and customers to make a choice, understand more text and pick from multiple offers than if you stick with one or two. With two they can make a comparison, once you move past two, you get confusion. Confused people do not buy. Your ROI will reflect your too many choices with poor results. Not sure if I am right?

Fulfillment Shipping

Fulfillment shipping is an extremely important part of your fulfillment strategy. It can be hard to decide the best method of shipping since there are so many considerations. Let’s look at FedEx, UPS and USPS to see who is going to be the best solution for you. In some cases, it may be more than one carrier depending on what you are sending.

Savvy Direct Mail For 2021

Direct mail has been around for a very long time. If you continue to do the same old pieces you have been mailing for a long time, you will see a drop in your response rates. You must create new, fresh and engaging savvy direct mail pieces to get the results you need. Why should you continue to mail with all the other channel options? Here are two stats from the DMA Fact Book: Direct mail customer response rates increased year-over-year by 43% and prospect response rates increased year-over-year by 190%.

Combine Social Media Marketing With Direct Mail

Did you know that by combining the power of social media marketing with direct mail you can increase your response rates 23% to 46%? These two power houses work great together! People are more inclined to take action when they’ve seen your message on social media before receiving your mail piece. There are two ways you can accomplish this. First you can take your mail list and match it to Facebook accounts, or you can also go the other way and match mail addresses to Facebook users.

3 SEO Steps To Rank Your Local Business

You put a ton of time and effort into making your beautiful website. And you’ve added some great articles that demonstrate strong thought leadership in your field. And you’ve even learned a bit about SEO. So why isn’t your website generating any business? In this article we’ll outline the 3 things Google needs to see to elevate your local search rankings.

Create More Sales With Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful driver of sales. Did you know that you can actually increase its reach through your customers to gain even more customers? Is, it really possible to create direct mail pieces that get your customers to sell for you? Yes it is. This is not easy and must have careful planning but, you can drive customers to sell for you through your direct mail program. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. So how can you get started?

How To Re-Engage People With Your Email Marketing

Email marketing engagement is important. Being able to identify and re-engage people with your email marketing is a great way to improve your open and click rates. Identifying who is most and least responsive to your emails is a way to get and idea on how well your email marketing is working. If you have most of your list responsive then that group is happy. If on the other hand you have more people that are not opening your emails you need to make some changes.

Second USPS Postage Rate Increase for 2021

Second USPS Postage Rate Increase for 2021 A second USPS postage rate increase for 2021 has been filed. Expect postage rates to increase on August 29, 2021. This is a very large increase, more than we have seen in the last 5 postage increases combined.  On Friday May...