Fulfillment Shipping

Fulfillment shipping is an extremely important part of your fulfillment strategy. It can be hard to decide the best method of shipping since there are so many considerations. Let’s look at FedEx, UPS and USPS to see who is going to be the best solution for you. In some cases, it may be more than one carrier depending on what you are sending.

Fulfillment Order Quality Control Procedures

In order to ensure that your customers are getting what they ordered and that it is packed correctly, you need to have a set of fulfillment order quality control procedures. Unfortunately, many people overlook this key step which results in returns, damaged products, losses, and customer dissatisfaction. We can prevent all of these things by creating QC procedures to catch and fix problems before the items are shipped.

Fulfillment Kit Packing Tips

There are so many options for fulfillment kit packing. In this case kitting means packing multiple items into a box and sending them to either employees or customers. Kits can come in all shapes and sizes as well as all different types of items going in them. There are some basic tips for packing to make sure your items stay safe and also some tips for packing with a nice presentation in mind. Let’s look at them now.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Tips

As more and more people buy items online, pick and pack fulfillment becomes a more integral part of businesses. In many cases the sudden deluge of orders has caused problems with the way systems were setup for a time when there were less orders. So today, we will tackle tips on the best ways to setup for quick and easy pick and pack fulfillment.

Strategy To Outsource Fulfillment

Order fulfillment refers to the process of getting products or literature to consumers or sales reps. If your business is scaling for the first time, or your growth is testing your ability to correctly fill orders on time, it’s time to create your new fulfillment strategy. As your order volume grows, your order fulfillment gets more intense. The first decision you need to make is how much fulfillment you are capable of handling in-house. If you are getting overwhelmed, it is time to outsource fulfillment.