2022 Types Of Fulfillment

We store, pick, package and ship products, marketing materials, collateral, and point of purchase displays to clients, prospects, trade shows and retail outlets worldwide. Fulfillment is more than just putting items in a box and shipping them. We can help you get the right items to the right people at the right time. You can easily place orders on the web, via email fax or phone. Automated shipping and tracking through on-line links with all major carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.).

2022 Fulfillment Packaging Options

Fulfillment packaging options vary depending on your needs, but no matter what you need, the packaging you choose matters. How your package arrives at its destination matters. Your customers impression matter. Don’t use packaging that is going to get to your customer smashed or with the contents broken.

2022 Fulfillment 101

In 2022 the package volume has increased exponentially as over the course of two years more and more people are ordering online. Fulfillment and packaging are more than just shipping out materials. They are the key to your company’s success. You need the materials to be shipped correctly, on time, and in good condition in order to meet your staff and clients’ expectations. That is why having the correct fulfillment company is now required.

How To Avoid Fulfillment Lost Packages?

Customers who place an order with you trust that they will get what they ordered delivered on time. We all know that there are times when issues arise and the package does not arrive. Fulfillment lost packages happen to everyone, however there are steps you can take to help ensure that your packages are not lost. We have created a short list of things to do before you ship your package.

Services And Pricing For Order Fulfillment

In order fulfillment we charge a monthly set of fees based on the services used to fulfill orders. These usually fall into 4 types of costs, inventory receiving, storage, pick and pack, and shipping. The overall costs of these processes depend on order volume and complexity. Additional costs can include a one-time onboarding, return handling fees, and account management fees. If you have custom packaging and product kitting or assembly needed, that will also be an additional cost.

5 Holiday Season Fulfillment Tips

It’s time to start planning for your fulfillment this holiday season. There are many things to consider when a large number of orders are expected for the holidays. As always it will be a chaotic time, but with the right planning you can keep your customers happy this holiday season. After all, you want them to continue to buy from you even when the holidays are over.