How to Create a Multi-Channel Campaign

Why Should You Use Multi-Channel Marketing?

Since multi-channel marketing is the hottest buzz word right now, many marketers are wondering what they could be doing differently. One of the most common combinations is direct mail and email, but now there are so many other choices you could be missing out on. With more and more information being captured about your customers, you have many more opportunities to reach out to them with specific offers.

The key points for multi-channel planning are:

  • Data – Knowing what your customers bought, how they purchase, when they purchase and other things they are looking at are key to targeting your messages.
  • Available channels – Knowing what you have available will allow you to plan accordingly. You cannot do a mobile campaign if your customers are not using mobile devices.
  • Knowledge – Do you have people on your team that know about each phase of your plan? Do you need help? If so, find out what you need and where you can get the help.

Ok, now that you are working with knowledge about who your customers are and have an idea of what you want to do, let’s look at some of the channel options.

  • Direct mail – Tried and true, this channel offers you targeting and the ability to reach people at home in a tangible way.
  • Email – Yes, this can be tricky to get around SPAM filters, but it is still a valuable channel.
  • Landing pages – Creating a way for you to track specific campaigns by driving people directly to specific pages.
  • Mobile – This consists of more than just SMS or MMS but also, QR codes, Augmented Reality and Near Field Communication.
  • Social Media – This channel allows you to have conversations with people about what you are doing and what they think of it. Listening to their feedback is one way to have a focus group for polling purposes.
  • Print – This is all the posters, magazine ads, handouts and other printed items for display.
  • Website – Your website is your hub. People will visit it to get more information. Make sure you have that available and include call to actions to drive them further into your funnel.
  • SEO – This is required now days so that you can be found on Google or other search engines. Make sure that your key words are working for your campaigns.
  • Telemarketing – Yes, follow up phone calls can help you sell more.
  • Radio – This can be a great way to reach a large audience for a specific campaign.
  • Television – Local market television can provide you with visual larger market exposure.
  • Pay per click – This can be a great way to draw people who are searching for your key words to your website.

Being able to combine channels for your campaigns allows your customers to have flexibility in how they respond and where they interact with you. The more touch points you can provide, the greater your response is going to be. Keep in mind that multi-channel marketing is more than just sending messages through more than one channel. It’s about targeting and planning. The more thoroughly you plan your campaigns the better your results are going to be.

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