Design File Preparation


How To Prepare Your Design Files

Whenever possible please provide your print design source files including all fonts from InDesign, PhotoShop or the program you are working with. You may also use any software program that saves files in the formats below.
Please flatten images, layered or linked files are not accepted.

  • Adobe ® Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Adobe ® Postscript Format (PS)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)

 Accepted Image File Formats

  • BMP
  • TIF
  • EPS
  • PSD

Resolution: Very minimum is 300 DPI. Lower resolution will print pixilated/fuzzy.

When scanning signatures for letter merges, please scan in black and white (unless you require a color signature) at the highest resolution possible.

Transferring print design files on USB drive or electronic transmission can save time, or waste it. To prevent delays and avoid additional costs, make sure you furnish clean files that don’t need extra work. Here are the top ten digital print file problems:

  • Fonts missing
  • Bleeds not adequate
  • Graphics missing
  • Page settings not set properly
  • Color incorrectly specified
  • Graphics not linked
  • No laser proof provided
  • Resolution too low/high
  • Trapping incorrect
  • Scans in RGB mode instead of CMYK

Download File Requirements Here.

If you have any questions about your design call us at 619-448-6111 we are glad to help. Send us a pdf and we can tell you if there are any problems before you print.

Email A PDF Proof For Review to Info@eyecomm.org. We will check all direct mail print files for any postal issues, even if we are not doing the print or mail. Contact us today!