These days we need a way to reach our customers and get noticed. Direct mail is a very effective tool to do just that. Here are 5 ideas to get your direct mail campaign to stand out and get noticed.

  1. Use color envelopes. Color is inviting and not used often enough. Your envelope will get opened because it is unique. There are many standard colors available that do not drastically increase your costs. Keep in mind some colors are not USPS approved.
  2. Use stamps. There is a stamp for each postage class, use them.
  3. Use larger pieces. You can use up to a 6.125 x 11.5 for postcards or envelopes, but for self-mailers the size is 6 x 10.5 and still pay the lower postage rate. Take advantage of that. Larger pieces get noticed.
  4. Add fun taglines to your envelopes, get your recipients excited about what they are going to find in the envelope.
  5. Target your message to the individual. The better targeted the message the more likely they are to respond.

Remember to change only one thing at a time so that when you are analyzing your results you will be able to see if the change you made has increased your response. It would be best to have a control group of what you always have done and then split off a segment to try the new piece with. This will give you the most accurate results.

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