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San Diego Direct Mail Agency

Direct mail marketing has been around for a long time, sometimes thought of as the “old goat” of marketing. Over the years there have been many changes in the way we use direct mail for marketing. Slapping a resident label on a card and mailing to everyone in your city, does not cut it anymore. Some of the best practices that have been in use for a while now are listed below. By using some or all of these, it can help keep your direct mail more cost effective and easily increase your ROI. 

  • Targeted mail lists: There are so many ways you can really define your best prospects.
  • Mail tracking: Know when your mail delivered so that you can follow up.
  • Creative designs: Stand out in the mail box.
  • A – B testing: Really track results on what messaging and formats get the best response.

Since many people now spend more time on their mobile devices, you can use your direct mail to catch people on the go. Now in this day and age, we can empower our direct mail with technology to drive an even greater response. When your direct mail has the latest technology, you let the recipient into the driver’s seat of your marketing. You allow them to pick and choose the information they are interested in at that moment. You can incorporate mobile marketing into your direct mail by using some or all of the following, as easy gateways to online information via recipient’s cell phones.

  • QR Codes: Directs them to a landing page with an offer, a way to buy or more information
  • Augmented Reality: Use your imagination to create a powerful experience
  • NFC: Near Field Communication can be used to drive mobile devices where ever you want to with a tap or touch between the phone and an embedded chip
  • PURL: Unique and personalized landing page created especially for each recipient

By adding these instant response methods you increase the opportunity to catch someone in the moment as a hot lead if not a sale. After all direct mail influences 76% of internet users to buy a product or service online (Exact Target), so you need to make sure that you are driving that online engagement. Creating the mobile optimized landing pages for recipients to gather more information, make a purchase or share ideas with others is a must with each direct mail campaign you do.34% of consumers search online for more information about a product or service when receiving direct mail from a brand they are interested in. (Direct Marketing Association) Don’t you want to be the one controlling the information they see, rather than Google? When you create the landing pages and supply all the information, your competitors are not there to distract from your message, you are in control.


By empowering your direct mail with choices and ways to gather information, you are empowering your customer/prospect to make a quick and easy decision on your call to action. This means your direct mail will need to have a clear call to action with more than one way to respond. It is vital that you incorporate mobile response devises now, because mobile users are growing rapidly and along with them mobile purchases. We can help you to create the landing pages and the QR Codes, Augmented Reality, PURL’s or NFC. Incorporating the mobile response devices now, does not have to be labor intensive for you.

If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

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