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San Diego Direct Mail

Direct mail has many unique qualities that help it stand out from other marketing channels. There are so many different designs for direct mail from postcards to boxes. Pop-up mailers are really fun for the recipients and can provide you with a better response rate. Creativity can run wild as long as you keep the postal regulations in mind.

Here are 6 ways direct mail can be exploited:

  • Texture: there are many ways to use texture from paper to coatings that will give you a soft feel to a very coarse sand paper feel. Create a wow factor that is not possible with any other channel. The post office even has a 2% postage discount for using texture through Nov. 30th 2015.

  • Smell: Scent is very powerful, it can trigger many memories. Direct mail when infused with a scent, can create a lasting experience for recipients. It’s not just for perfume. Imagine what scents a landscaper could use floral, grass, pine, etc. You can even use bad scents to emphasize how horrible it is without your product or service.

  • Ink: There is a wide variety of reactive inks now. A few examples are:

    Conductive inks: They become part of a circuit and activate a device. Users press a “button” to close the circuit, and can activate things, such as lights or sound.

    Leuco Dyes: change color with variations in temperature.

    Thermochromatic: Are heat sensitive dyes.

    Optically Variable Ink: contain metallic materials that change appearance when viewed from different angles.

    Piezochromic: change appearance under pressure.

  • Saved: Unlike other channels, direct mail can easily be saved and used when needed. Give people a reason to keep your mail. You can even include a magnet for them to affix to the refrigerator. Then they have easy access at any time.

  • Remembered better: Studies have shown that print is better remembered than online content, so make sure they remember what you want them to. Bullet point to highlight the key information, but keep in mind they remember the first one and last one the more, use those two slots for the most important things.

  • Tracking: Using USPS tracking allows you to know when the mail has been delivered. You can then send a triggered email to follow up or utilize another channel that you prefer. This additional follow up keeps your offer top of mind.

Since direct mail is considered trustworthy by recipients, you start off with an edge over other marketing channels. By using the methods we have just discussed you give even more power to your direct mail. Another bonus is that print is better recalled by recipients than digital.


If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email us We are glad to help!

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