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Direct Mail Envelope

Do Creative Direct Mail Envelopes Work?

Boring envelopes in 2020? No way!! Envelopes have been a part of direct mail for a very, very long time and many companies still use them the same way they always have. Then they wonder why their results are stagnating. It is time for something different. Envelopes have changed; there are so many different and exciting things you can do with them now. Let’s look at some ideas.

Direct Mail Envelope types:

  • Regular Envelopes: There are many different sizes to play with from small invitation envelopes to large ones. The larger ones stand out more, but if they qualify at the flat size postage level they will be more expensive for postage. To keep them at a lower postage rate, use envelopes that are not square and are 6.125 x 11.5 or smaller.
  • Window Envelopes: You have all the same size choices her as regular envelopes. You also have the same postage concerns. Window envelopes have various options on window placement and the number of windows. Check with your vendor to see some creative windows.
  • 2 Way Envelopes: These are really inventive. They work first for outgoing mail and then by following the instructions on the envelope they become reply mail envelopes too. This saves on envelope costs and is good for the environment. It is also another way to stand out with your prospects and customers.
  • Wrapping: These envelope wraps are created on equipment with folding and gluing while the inserts are already inside. These are extremely customizable and are very cost effective. You do not have to maintain an envelope inventory. You can create them as needed. The down side is that some people do not like the finished look of the wrap as it is clunky when compared with the normal sleek look of an envelope.
  • Snap Packs: These are the more official looking enclosed pieces. They require your prospects or customers to tear perforated strips off of the side and the bottom of the snap pack in order to open it. Since they are more formal looking they tend to get better open rates. You have probably received checks in this format before.

With the growth of Variable Data Technology you are now able to do so much more personalization on each of these types of direct mail envelopes. You can personalize images, graphics as well as copy. This is even better than adding a tagline to get people to open the envelope. Compel your customers and prospect to open your envelopes with graphics that speak directly to them.

Get creative on your direct mail envelope. Keep in mind that you can customize both sides. Other than the addressing requirements for the USPS you have plenty of room to add eye catching designs.  What will speak to your customers and prospects? The best way to identify this is to test various options. See what people respond to most and use various forms of it going forward.

Don’t continue to send drab direct mail envelopes. Stand out; build a direct mail campaign beyond your dreams. No matter what type of information you are sending to people, when it is enclosed you should be using the enclosure as a marketing piece. Get your envelope opened, instead of thrown straight in the trash. Visual appeal to stimulate curiosity will get you better open rates. How did your last envelope mailing go? Are you using snazzy envelopes to grab attention? Need help? Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org, We are glad to help!

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