Humor and Good Marketing Work!

Price does not have to be the driving factor in your direct mail, don’t sell your direct mail short! A recent 2012 study by Nielsen shows that if you can create your direct mail piece with a funny theme it resonates and drives a better response. Of course your offer still matters but the funny creative can really help.

So let’s look at the combination of factors that drive direct mail response:

  • List: Target the right people
  • Creative: Create and eye-catching, funny design
  • Offer: Thoroughly consider what is going to appeal to your recipients
  • Ease of response: Make it easy for them to respond, email, website, phone number…as many options as you can

Keep in mind that all 4 of these factors need to convey your message correctly. The recipients need to get a message that they are interested in. That message must be the same through-out the art and copy. The funny images should not detract from the message but enhance it. Remember when designing your mail piece, you will need to take into consideration the current postal regulations.

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