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Direct Mail

Overcome Resistance To Purchase With Direct Mail

Driving response is the biggest challenge for marketing no matter the channel. One of the best benefits of direct mail is that it has an easier time overcoming the resistance to responding. Of course, not all direct mail works. How can you get your direct mail to drive a better response? Let’s look at 4 tips. 

4 ways to overcome resistance to your marketing with direct mail

  1. Emotion – Start by addressing the emotions people have about making a purchase. They have fear about the unknown. Give them some testimonials from people like them that loved your product or service. They have some anger about having to deal with this now and the urge to procrastinate about it. Provide benefits for them to see how great it will be after the purchase and give them a deadline to respond by. Finally, you need to address the self-doubt they are having. Are they making the wrong decision, will it work? You can help reinforce them with compliments and positive messaging.
  2. Experience – Create an experience for your customers and prospects by adding video, augmented reality, texture and so many more. Hands on experiences are powerful. The most important part here is that the experience is relevant to your product or service and is engaging and fun.
  3. Trust – People buy from companies they trust. Your direct mail needs to be trustworthy. In order to do that you need to be clear about what they can expect from your product or service. You need to be very open and honest with your messaging while keeping your tone optimistic. This is another place where testimonials really help. People believe other people like them. Another factor is repetition. It really does take 8 – 10 touches with prospects before they feel comfortable buying from you. Keep in mind that multi-channel marketing can help you here. In many studies over the years direct mail has been the top trusted marketing channel so use that to your advantage.
  4. Focus – The focus of your direct mail piece should be on converting the people who are ambivalent into buyers. They are the quickest way to increasing your response rates. They are not a full-on no; they are a maybe. Find out the ways to reach them specifically to address the 3 ways above. When you are able to address all their concerns you can get them to act and buy from you.

Keep in mind that you are asking people to make a change when they buy from you. Many people do not like change. That is why your messaging is so important. Grab their attention with your design, but get them to buy with your message. The four ways discussed above will help you drive your response rates up, but the only way to sustain growth over time is to be driven and consistently changing what you are doing. Yes, you should be sending mail to people multiple times, but not the same thing, you need to change it up.

The real power of direct mail is targeting. When you add variable data messaging to your highly targeted list you are tapping into a persuasive method. Make it easy for them to respond by providing them an offer that is relevant, a mobile-friendly web address, and a phone number they can call. The easier it is, the more response you are going to get. Need help? Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org. We are glad to help!

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