Variable Data Printing

Why use variable data postcards? They are economical and they work! People respond when you talk directly to them on a personal level.

4 Key elements of variable data postcards:

  1. It helps build relationships with your customers.
  2. You can offer each person only the things they are interested in.
  3. You can use colorful tailored pictures for each person.
  4. You can use details about them to draw them in.

All of this allows you to show your customers a personal experience. Variable printing significantly boosts ROI by delivering response rates 7-times greater than conventional direct mail.

The most important thing to remember in variable data is to gather the data on each person correctly. If your database is inaccurate, you will actually turn people off. Never guess about people, always base your data of factual information. This requires constant vigilance with updates and oversight.

Have fun with it! There are so many variable options, make sure to include a control piece so that you can gauge how well offers are doing.

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