To encourage companies to use direct mail marketing for product samples, the USPS is offering a 5% postage discount. Samples help increase product usage, get new customers and increase awareness. The promotion is from August 1st thru September 30, 2013. The promotion is available for standard and nonprofit marketing parcels only.


  1. You must register on the business customer gateway:
  2. All mail paperwork must be submitted electronically
  3. Must mail between August 1st and September 30th, 2013
  4. Postage must be paid using a permit, precancelled stamp, or meter
  5. Must contain a product sample, which is defined as a physical product (sample or small size version of full product) whose purpose is to encourage recipients to purchase a product or service, form a belief or opinion or take an action.

Here is a link to the USPS information on the promo:

Here are a few reasons to try sampling:

Sampling is…

  • Targetable – Product samples reach 70 million consumers quarterly.
  • Engaging – 2 of every 3 consumers will accept a product sample.
  • Helpful for retaining and converting customers – Half of consumers who try a sample plan to buy it in the future.
  • Persuasive – 92% of consumers have purchased a product after trying a sample.

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