This promotion from the USPS is an opportunity for mailers to use the permit indicia space of the mail piece with a custom design for branding. You can add a company logo, trademark or brand with color images only. The promotion will run from Aug 1st to Sept 30th 2013. During this time period, you can use the picture permit for free. There is usually a fee of 1 penny per piece for first class and 2 pennies per piece for standard class mail.

Here are the requirements:

  1. You must be approved to mail using picture permit. It is recommended that the registration and permitting process begin at least 6 months before you plan to use it. As the USPS can take a while to get approval back to you. Click here for registration of a picture permit.
  2. You must register for the program between June 15th and Sept 30th. Click here for the registration page of the promotion.

So why should you try this promotion? The benefits are a boost in mail piece visibility, value, and open rate. Also to raise brand awareness, enhance your mail piece by making use of prime “real estate” in indicia area and promote company products and services. Create a unique design that will stand out.

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