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email marketing frequency

2022 Email Marketing Frequency Tips

Your email marketing frequency is very important. The worst nightmare for all email marketers is the unsubscribe and marked as spam actions. The more it happens the worse it gets. Getting your email marketing frequency correct can really help make sure that those two dreaded actions do not take place. There is a very fine sweet spot, do you know what it is?

If you go too long between sending your marketing emails, your prospects and customers can forget why they subscribed. This typically causes them to either unsubscribe or delete your email without opening it. On the other hand, if you send emails too often, people are more likely to mark them as spam.

3 Email Marketing Send Tips:

  1. Make sure your subscribers trust your emails. When they sign up let them know your send frequency and what they can expect to get from you.
  2. Segmentation will help you send the right offers to the right people.
  3. Your ideal frequency should be about once every two weeks.

Once you feel that you have your send frequency down, make sure that your email list is clean. You do not want to send emails to people who do not want them. Keep in mind that the spam complaints subscribers make seriously hurt your reputation and can cause you to be blacklisted. So, make sure you are taking this very seriously.

Are you aware of your sender score? Your sender score is a measure of the trustworthiness of your IP address. IPs with sender scores below 70 points will have all sent emails filtered or blocked so no one sees them. If you are above 70 points you should be ok. You should be watching your open rates which will let you know if you are having problems.

It’s a good idea to check periodically to see if you have been blacklisted. If you have been blacklisted, you will need to meet the requirements they list on how to be removed from the list. The best thing you can do to stay off the blacklist is to follow the three tips above.  Are you ready to get started? We can help! Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org.

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