To have truly effective email marketing you need more than just a good offer. The overall look and feel of your email is extremely important. Email is more about visual appeal. Let your imagery and wording lead them where you want them to go. Keep in mind that too many images detract from your message though.
The first thing people see in their in-box is your subject line and from address. Make sure that the from address is consistent and a reflection of who your business is. For the subject line you need mysterious or intriguing wording that can then be elaborated on once the email is opened.
Tips for design:

  1. Keep your text short and to the point. The email need to be a quick easy read.
  2. Include pictures or graphics that help convey your message.
  3. Make sure you have a branded format for your company and use it for all emails.
  4. Do not send emails every day. Keep your frequency relevant to important information, changes or special offers.
  5. Make sure your offer is clearly stated and include the action you wish them to take. Make sure that the offer is of value to them.
  6. The items above will help your emails get good open rates and conversions. Email is all about hitting people with a good offer when they are ready. Keeping relevant information of value in front of them, will increase your response.

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