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5 Email Marketing Tips For 2022

Are you ready to improve your email marketing for 2022? We have some email marketing tips to get you the results you need. You can try one or all 5 tips to get you focused on better results. Keep these in mind when you create and send your email campaigns. While there’s always room to improve your campaign, these tips will certainly boost your open rates and ROI.

  1. Target Your Emails to the Right People – Most failed email marketing campaigns didn’t work because the one email created was sent to everyone. While some people may want what you are selling, other people may want a different item. Don’t make this mistake. Collect as much data as you can, from location, customer buying habits and more. Study your data and segment your list based on it. If you have a group of people who love one type of service or product you offer and another group that couldn’t care less, send them different emails. You should also be personalizing the copy in your emails and subject lines.
  2. Layout – Keep it simple! Flashy graphics and super busy layouts turn people off. They end up in the trash and then you get marked as spam. You don’t want to do that. With that in mind, use easy to understand language and short paragraphs for your copy. You can always add more information on your landing page. The email is to drive them to the page not give them a bunch of extra copy that can be a turn off.
  3. Call to action – Your call to action should prompt people to click. You need to use it to drive response. Buy now, fill out survey and click here are very common buttons, but why should they do that? Your call to action matters. You should consider a reasonable expiration for you offer to motivate people to buy now.
  4. Subject Line – Your subject line will literally make or break your campaign. People choose to open your email based on the subject line. You want to grab attention and pique curiosity at the same time. Stay away from words like Free, Money, Save and Cash.
  5. Testing – You should continuously try new things. The best way to do that is to test one element change at a time. Send half your email list the new test and the other half your usual. This will show you if your change was helpful or not. There are so many things you can learn from this testing that it should be going on constantly as you apply what you learn each time to make your emails better.

Email marketing has tremendous potential to help you grow your business. You should be thinking about every stage of your sales funnel and how that relates to the types of email you create. You want your emails to match the stage of the buying journey your people are at. Lead generation emails are not the same as abandoned cart emails.

To stay relevant in your customers’ inboxes, you have to keep your email design fresh and visually appealing. Remember to keep an eye on other marketing email examples. You can use them for inspiration or to see what not to do. Are you ready to get started? We can help. Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org.


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