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Email Response Rate

5 Tips To Improve Your Email Response Rate

The most important metric for email marketing is response rate. That’s not to say that open and click rates don’t matter, but response rates matter more. How do you measure email response rates? Take the number of email responses received and divide it by the number of successfully delivered emails. Multiply the amount by 100 and you get your email response rate. You do not want to use the number of sent emails, because not all emails are delivered.

If your open rates are above the 15 to 25% average, you can rationally expect above-average email response rates. You should aim to get your response rates about 10%. So why does email response rates matter? They help you understand how and why your subscribers choose to engage with you. This leads to better customer loyalty growth. Remember that a good email response rate drives leads and sales.

How can you increase the email response rate? Check out these 5 Tips:

  1. Segment list – This will allow you to group like people and test various emails to see what gets the best response. Don’t include low engagement subscribers. More than 75% of people admitted that personalized content increased their purchasing. Segmented campaigns can improve revenue by 700%.
  2. Trigger emails – This type of email automation based on the actions that your subscribers take is a great way to send relevant content in a timely fashion. You get to strike while the iron is hot! For instance, when a person goes to your website and clicks on a specific page you can send them a special offer email based on what they viewed. Did you know that automated emails have more than a 150% higher click rate?
  3. Subject lines – You should create short, straight to the point, and personalized subject lines to maximize your open rates. This is what gets your email opened. Do not bait a switch, your subject line should be based on what is in your email.
  4. Mobile design – The vast majority of incorrectly formatted emails are deleted less than three seconds after the initial open. With almost all email being opened on a mobile device, it needs to be designed for that purpose.
  5. Clear copy – Be concise with your copy, less is more. Being genuine and honest, people buy from businesses they trust. Make sure to personalize the copy. Did you know that it increases clicks by 14% on average?

Your email response rates can get better when you make sure that all 5 of these tips are utilized wisely. By increasing your email response rates you will increase engagement and purchasing. Are you ready to get started? Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org. We are glad to help!

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