The single most important part of your email marketing is the subject line. It’s the first thing your readers see. You need it to be powerful to get them to open it. The best email subject lines are short, descriptive and give the reader a reason to read more. Stay away from using cheesy phrases, they will be ignored. The best thing is to keep your subject lines simple and to the point. As a general rule in email marketing, keep your subject line to 50 characters or less.

There are 3 words you need to avoid using in your subject lines. They are:

  • Help
  • Percent off
  • Reminder

Avoid using ALL CAPS or exclamation marks in your subject lines. Subject lines created as questions can often perform better. Personalization of a recipient’s first name or last name does not improve open rates, however providing a city name, does. This shows them the message is relevant to their area.

When creating email newsletters make sure to continue to change the subject line with each issue. Pick an important article and use information from that in your subject line. Make sure it is compelling enough that they will want to read more.

The “from” information can be as important as the subject line. It needs to work together with the subject line. The “from” line should communicate who you are as the sender and this should not change. Save any humorous ideas for the subject line.

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