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Creating an amazing looking email marketing campaign that also converts can be a challenge for even the most talented marketer. That’s why Campaign Monitor and Really Good Emails teamed up to give marketers this essential email design checklist.

Design Engaging Emails with the Really Good Email Marketing Checklist

This infographic-style checklist contains actionable tips to get every part of an email just right. For example, to help get opens for your email, keep your subject line personal and engaging. Subject lines may not be considered a design feature, but as one of the most important pieces of an email, they’re important to understand. Images should be relevant to your content, interesting, and balancing out the text of your email. From the subject line of your email, through the links, content, and fonts all the way to the footer, this checklist will help you make the most impressive and effective email ever.

Start using The Really Good Email Checklist for every email you send and discover just how awesome your email campaigns can be.


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