We all make mistakes, even when we try our hardest to eliminate them, they sometimes slip through. So what should we do when that happens? Don’t panic! Take the time to really look at the issue and then develop a plan to fix it, if need be.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you are taking that deep breath:

  • What was wrong? Simple or complex?
  • How did it impact your prospects and customers?
  • Do you need to reach out to them with a special offer?

Not all mistakes will require a response from you. So when should you send a follow up email? Well, if the only error is the subject line, just leave it alone. There is no need to send a correction. If you have bad links in your email, it would be best to resend with a short explanation at the beginning as to the issue and the fix. Keep the subject line the same, just add corrected to it. If you had a limited time offer and because of your mistake people were not able to respond, sending them a special onetime offer just for their trouble is suggested.

Keep in mind that too many emails in a short period of time can increase your unsubscribe or opt out rate. So, really think about the impact of the mistake and how you would feel if it were sent to you. Only by addressing issues in this way will you be able to keep them happy. (The walk a mile in their shoes cliché)

Now, the last thing you need to do is put a plan in place so that this mistake will not happen again. What could you have done differently beforehand to avoid the problem? Sometimes just creating a test group to proof read your emails before you send to you entire list can really help in finding errors. Also, make sure to examine the emails in several programs from Gmail to outlook and Firefox to IExplorer. Many formatting errors will be caught this way. We all make mistakes, just make sure you don’t make the same one twice!

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