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San Diego Email Marketing

According to the DMA 2015 Response Rate Report email marketing has the best ROI. Part of the reason is the low cost to send emails, but we must also look at what email is doing right. Email marketing can be an effective marketing channel, when done correctly. There are still the challenges of your message ending up in the junk folders as email inbox software continues to try to filter emails, but even considering that, email is still a viable marketing channel.

Let’s look as some of the DMA statistics on email marketing:

  • Email marketing is most commonly used for lead generation and direct sales.

  • Open rates for in house lists were 23-24%.

  • Acquisition costs for a house list are $11-15 each

  • Conversion rate is 2-2.9%

  • Click through rate is 5-6%

  • ROI is 30-32%

One of the great things about email marketing is how quickly it can be sent out and all of the metrics can easily be tracked. You can quickly see when one subject line has a better open rate than another, so you can adjust your next one to accommodate your analytics. If you want your statistics to look like the ones above of better, you must be tracking your results and testing different subject lines as well as call to actions.

Good email marketing must include the following:

  1. A list of people who are interested in the information you are providing

  2. Responsive design so that no matter the screen size your email looks the way you intended it to

  3. An attention getting subject line

  4. Easy to find call to action

Email marketing is a channel that continues to grow. Many marketers plan to continue to increase spending on this channel. As we head into the fall season, consider reviewing your emails to see what you can be doing differently to help increase your response. Test out some new subject lines and see how they do. Get creative to draw attention to your email in the inbox. You can’t improve your response if the email is not getting opened.


If you have any questions, call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

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