Top 10 Worst Email

Lots of people will tell you what to do in email marketing, but we thought it’s more important to know what NOT to do. So here is a list we have compiled:

  1. A terrible subject line: The subject line is the key to getting your email read. Put some real thought behind your subject lines.
  2. Avoid sending emails too often:? There?? should be no need to send more than one or two emails per week. Bombarding people will only make them angry.
  3. Sending to people not subscribed: Make sure you are sending to opt-in addresses. Do not send marketing emails without getting permission.
  4. Hard opt-out: Keep an easy short link for people to opt-out and respect that.
  5. Too much sales pitch: You need to nurture your subscribers. Do not go straight to the sales pitch. Include other useful information to help them.
  6. Spam looking text and links: Keep words like FREE, DOWNLOAD NOW and so on out of your email. Use graphics for your download or click links. You want to stay away from the spam filters.
  7. Sending non-related content: If someone signs up to get emails about tools, do not send them emails about flowers. Keep the content relevant to what they want.
  8. Not testing: Make sure that all your links and personalization work by sending yourself and others a test message. You should view your email in multiple browsers to see if there are any issues with formatting as well.
  9. Bragging: Do not brag about yourself. Focus on what you can do for them, help them.
  10. Excessive media:? Using too many images or too large video files will cause delivery problems. Limit the number of images and sizes of video files imbedded into your emails.

So, now that you know what NOT to do, have fun creating great email marketing campaigns.

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