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San Diego Email Marketing

In 2018 email marketing can be a challenge! Even with the best copy and offer sometimes your open and click rates are just downright disappointing. So what can you do about it? Let’s look at the top 7 ideas to get your emails opened and clicked on.

  1. Send Less Email – Only send emails to people when they have an offer that will appeal to them. When you get it right people will want to open and click on your emails. You can do this with segmentation of your list.
  2. Tone – Write as though you are a friend having a conversation with customers and prospects. This is not an area for hard sales tactics.
  3. Powerful Subject Lines – Create these with emotion and targeted messaging based on your offer. What are they getting by opening your email? Check out our post on subject lines.
  4. Short – Keep your emails short. Attention spans are not what they used to be so concise wording is quicker and easier to read.
  5. Free Form – Don’t use the same template over and over. Change up your format each time. Keep it fresh and new.
  6. Benefits – You must sell the benefits of your product or service to your prospects and customers. They buy the benefits not the features.
  7. Links – Add multiple links to your emails. The more links you have the greater chance they will click on one.

Every email you send must value your prospects and customers time. No one is looking to get more email in an already full inbox, so make sure yours is wanted by including valuable offers. Are you ready to get started?

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