Cross media marketing is the best way to get a better response. Here are a few different types:

  • Personalized Direct Mail with a PURL
  • Personalized E-Mail with a PURL
  • All Mass Media with GURL and CURL
  • QR Codes
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SMS (Short Message Service)
  • Website
  • Print Ads
  • Online Ads
  • Television
  • Radio

There are many more factors to consider with these types of campaigns. Here are a few tips.

  • Tracking and reporting on Cross Media?are extremely important. This will give you the information on which media is giving you the best results. There are critical items in tracking and reporting make sure you are looking at:
  • Initial contact percentage
  • Cross media contact percentage
  • Conversion percentage
  • Don’t forget that the “Control Group” is critical when you are testing. Your results will be skewed if you do not have a control piece.
  • The Control Group is typically what has been done in the past
  • The Experimental Group(s) is where the format or content change the to see what makes a difference with the audience
  • Here are a few easy examples for collecting data:
  • Have the customer turn in the coupon and keep a barcode on the coupon to track responses (each coupon can be a different offer)
  • PURLs
  • Simple web address with sign up for great deals
  • Different PO Box response address
  • Different 800 numbered call-in extensions
  • Different colored response cards (or just a different color headline)
  • Different percentage discount on the coupon for different groups

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