How to Start Marketing

Marketing does not have to be scary. Sometimes we just need a little help getting started. What you need to do first is create a marketing plan, as without this you are going to fail. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when building your marketing plan.
When creating a marketing plan, you must know the following:

  • What you want to accomplish: Set goals on what you’d like to achieve
  • How are you different from your competitors: This should be your key message
  • Who is your audience: Sometimes this needs to be segmented
  • Why should they care: You need to focus on what is in it for them, not how great you are
  • Where are they located: Make sure demo/geo-graphics are in line with your message.
  • How will you insure success: Make sure you set up a system of tracking your results

Next you will need to know who you are marketing to:

  • Use segmentation: This means that you break people into like categories in order to provide relevant marketing messages.
  • Gather information: You need to have as much information on the people you are marketing to as you can. If there is not enough insight into who they are you will not be able to motivate them with your messaging.
  • Pay attention: It is important to continue to gather information on who is responding, how they are responding and what they are responding to. This will help shape your next campaign.

Finally a little advise on where to start:

  • Put content into 5 different places: Decide which ones will work best for your market audience ?such as website, social media, blog, direct mail, search, etc…
  • Listings: Make sure your company is listed on as many sites as possible for the word of mouth marketing reviews, such as Yelp, LinkedIn, Manta, etc…
  • Social Sharing: Whatever content you put out, allow for social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc…
  • Links: Always include your business social media links as another way to get people to engage with you.

Your marketing should find the right target audience, deliver the right message and get great results!

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