Have you considered using the emerging NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for your mobile marketing? This growing technology needs to be a part of your future mobile marketing mix. NFC technology gives you the ability to transfer data to mobile devices through a wave or tap above an imbedded sensor.

The benefit of this technology over QR Codes is that it does not require an application to be downloaded by the user. This allows the user easier access to your information and will increase your interactions. Remember that you need to keep your mobile marketing relevant. People’s phones are very personal. If you send information that they deem irrelevant, you will lose them to an unsubscribe or push them to social media to complain.

One current drawback of NFC is that many smart phones today do not have the technology in them. However, as the newer phones are manufactured they do have the technology installed. It is such an easier experience for the user, you really should consider adding it into the mix. Since engagement is the goal, making it easier to use is a great way to keep the users coming back. It is generally thought that NFC will have large adoption rates within 2 years. Are you going to be one of them?

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