When you are creating your marketing plan are you considering all the options available to you now with multiple channels? Have you taken the time to figure out how each of your current customers likes to be communicated with? In many cases this information tells you how to communicate with your prospects too. Here are some things to consider when looking at your customers’ communication style.

Which of these three types of people are they?

  • Visual: Your design layout will be a very important tool to reach this type of person. They like written and face to face contact. They want to see benefits, so make sure to highlight them.
  • Verbal: You will need to consider phone calling for them so add a phone number for them to place an order with you or to ask questions.
  • Touch: You will need to send them tactile messaging such as direct mail in order to reach them. Pay attention to detail and talk about feelings, they are guided by emotion.

If you do not have the information about your customers and prospects, it is ok to use all 3 methods on one campaign. After figuring out what types you are focusing on, the next step is getting the message down. The message needs to be finalized before you select the channels. To determine the message you need to answer these questions: Who will see the message, What action should they take, Where will they see the message, When will they see it, Why should they remember the message, and How does this help you reach your goal?

Remember that messages should be targeted. Do not send the same message to a customer that you send to a prospect. Once you have the messages, you need to develop the call to action. Now you are ready to choose the channels you will use. You do not need to hit every channel, as a matter of fact you should not use every channel for a campaign. Really consider where you want to reach people and how best to do it. It is best to create a calendar to chart out when you are using each channel so that you stay on schedule. Your branding should remain consistent across each channel, your overall campaign message should too, however, the way you state/present it needs to change for each channel.

Lastly, remember to continually measure your results. That way you can see trends and help improve the next round. It can also help identify the best channels for you to use. If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org. We are glad to help!