We all know by now that social media, when done correctly, is great at building loyalty. It is also a great tool for customer service. However, it can be a great way to win customers too. Social media is an open forum that shows anyone who is looking all about your company. Not just what you put out there, but also what others are saying about you. Social media heavily influences people’s perception of a company and its brand, make sure you are there to actively engage them.

To leverage Social media to your advantage most effectively you need to do the following:

  1. Constantly create content and monitor responses: It is best to have a social media team to maintain this presence effectively through daily posts and responses. Everyone expects answers immediately to questions as well as complaints. Make sure that everything is integrated well with your other marketing efforts. You want your branding to be seamless between all channels.
  2. Create your social marketing plan: Your team needs to know the direction you want your social marketing to go and what your expectations are. Having a plan to follow that includes not only what types of posts you want created, but also how to respond to complaints and angry people, will really save you a big hassle.
  3. Pictures:  Use pictures whenever you can. Social media is very visual and you will get more responses and interactions when pictures are involved.
  4. Build Stories: Use real life experiences with your brand to build human stories. We relate to a brand that is human. One that can reach us emotionally. If you find those stories that really touch people you will find your content going viral and your engagement will dramatically increase.

Social media marketing is very different than other channels. You need participation from your followers in order to be effective. One of the best benefits of this is when people have a great experience with your company and then share that with others. Make sure to thank them and of course share their thoughts with your followers. Consumers listen to what other people are saying about your company so both positive and negative posts need to be addressed by you. Actively cultivating responses continually builds your social network and influences people to buy from you.

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