Mobile marketing is a fast growing channel. Before you pull the trigger though, there are some things you need to know. As mobile users expect less content on a mobile site, the general rule is for a site to load in less than 5 seconds. ?It must be fast, easy and accessible when they want it. A slow moving mobile page is a guaranteed way to lose your users; a bad experience will cause users to not return. So keep in mind that the more you put on a mobile site, the slower it will be. They will not wait, they will go somewhere else.

So here are some tips to increase speed and usability:

  1. Less text is better: really consider how you can be concise and direct with text on a mobile site
  2. Less graphics is better: use only very important images, try to keep it 1 per page at most
  3. Easy to use navigation: use large buttons with only the most important choices
  4. If appropriate, the ability to purchase: this can mean a dramatic increase in purchases, make the checkout easy and stick to a simple format with more radial buttons than text entries
  5. Directions: This should always be included, mobile users are on the move; make it easy for them to find you.
  6. Easy click contact buttons for phone and email: Make it just a click button for them to contact you.

Keep in mind that when a mobile user is hitting your site they are ready to make a purchase or some other action right then with your company. Make sure you provide them with the best experience.

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