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Mobile Marketing

If you have been using mobile marketing for a while or are just getting started you may need some ideas to get your creativity flowing to create a great mobile campaign. Text messaging needs to have value for your prospects and customers or else they will unsubscribe. What have you done to provide value lately? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new text message marketing campaign ideas. Here are three options you can try.

3 Mobile Marketing Text Message Ideas:

  1. MMS – Otherwise known as picture messaging, this is a great way to draw attention. You can use picture messages to promote new products or services. Take your message beyond words and let the pictures take your selling and engagement to a new level.
  2. Text to Win – Your prospects and customers love free products and services. These campaigns always have a high participation rate. All your customers and prospects have to do is reply to a text message and they are entered to win.
  3. Birthday or Holiday Texts – Your prospects and customers want to feel like you care. This is a great way to do that with special offers on special occasions. This shows you value them and also encourages them to engage with you more.

Basically, you want to provide value and additional ways for your customers and prospects to engage with you. Mobile can help you do that. Don’t forget to always encourage people to connect with you on all your available channels. When you do this effectively you create a valuable network of communication to drive engagement and sales.

How do you interact with companies on your mobile devices? Are they providing you with value? Could you clone what they are doing and do that with your customers? Could you do it better? These are all great ways to generate mobile marketing ideas. Remember to follow best practices so that you are only messaging people who have opted into your content. You should incentive them to do so with special offers. Are you ready to get started?

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