What can mobile marketing do for you?

  • Connect with customers
  • Generate new leads
  • Increase revenue

So if the reasons above are not enough to get you to want to try mobile marketing perhaps you should remember that your competitors are using it. You need to compete in this marketing channel, so here are a few reasons you should add mobile into your marketing mix:

  1. It’s instant: Reach your prospects and customers right away with a hot deal
  2. It’s cost effective: The cost per message is low
  3. It’s personal: You can segment your lists and messages to get the right message to the right person
  4. It’s easy: There is very little to do other than come up with the short text and create any linked pages
  5. It’s measureable: You can easily track and monitor how your campaign is progressing
  6. It integrates well with other channels: You can combine SMS with your direct mail, email, print ads and more to increase your campaign exposure
  7. It’s shareable: Your customers and prospects can easily share your message and it can potentially go viral.

With these reasons why would you not want to get started with mobile marketing? You need to be where your customers are. Today they are on their mobile phones, so reach out and connect with them.

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Please note: this post was originally published on http://sumgould.wordpress.com.