Product Fulfillment Tips

4 Tips To Better Product Fulfillment

Product fulfillment is more than kitting and shipping products by throwing them in a box and sending via UPS. In our consumer centric society, we need to at least meet or preferably exceed client expectations. Clients now expect when they place an order online that they will get a good product at a good price with cheap shipping and quick delivery. This can be hard to come by in product fulfillment. The old days of shipping and handling taking 3 to 5 weeks is long over. Amazon helped to blow that out of the water. So now we are faced with meeting the shorter deadlines. This can be a complicated process.

4 Tips To Better Product Fulfillment:

  1. Website: Your online ordering website needs to be easy to navigate as well as place orders. The easier it is for people to find your products and place an order, the more orders you are going to get. Use good images and only as much copy as needed. Many times adding an expandable option for people who want to view additional copy is a great way to keep your pages looking good while providing info for the people wanting to read it. A good search component is very helpful for customers looking for a specific product. Make sure you have a dynamic design so that your web page and payment screens look good no matter what device people are ordering from.
  2. Products: Highlight the benefits of each product clearly. Also provide testimonials on each product from real customers. People like to know that other people have found the product to be useful. Don’t get super technical. Take the “What’s In It For Me” view and give customers what they want.
  3. Packaging: It matters. The way your product arrives to the customer makes an impression and is a representation of your company. Squished boxes and dented products are not a way to make customers happy. Use heavier stock on your cartons to keep them from being crushed. Use package filler to take up the extra room in boxes to protect the contents from damage. Add in some marketing collateral for other products they may be interested in. Want to make a great impression? Add a thank you for your business card.
  4. Shipping: There are a lot of shipping options out there from various providers. The two most important things to consider when picking a shipping company are reliability and cost. You need you packages to get there when you expect them to in good condition and you also need to account for costs since most people don’t expect to pay a lot for shipping and truthfully many of them expect the shipping to be free. Talk with the providers and find what fits your needs best.

Selling products online is a great way to build your customer base. Just remember that in order to keep them coming back and get referrals from them you need to provide not only a good product but good customer service. If you take into consideration all 4 of the elements listed above you should be well on your way to happy customers and a growing business.

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