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2022 Facebook Social Media Marketing

In 2022 getting the most out of your Facebook and Instagram ads is important. The best creative ever will not work if your strategy is wrong. We have put together some Ad tips as well as strategy to get the best ROI in 2022.

Facebook Ad Tips:

  • Don’t just use static images, use videos too. Videos are very popular and eye catching.
  • Use colorful images, people respond more favorably to them.
  • Choose your text carefully, word choice matters and you don’t want to be ambiguous.
  • Know your current followers.

Facebook/Instagram Ad Strategy:

  1. Check who your current followers are by going to your business page, Audience Insights, then you can view the Current Audience tab to see basic demographics including age, gender, and top locations.
  2. First you need to target your audience correctly. You want to get as specific as possible. When you show ads to only people who are most interested you will get better results.
  3. Your images need to be appealing.
  4. Use copy that is cohesive with your image and is also compelling.
  5. Create a compelling call to action.
  6. Provide a discount, people love to save money so give it to them.
  7. Use the campaign budget optimization feature. This is an easy and smart tool especially if you have a small budget.

Creating a Facebook ad strategy is vital for the best ROI. In 2022 Facebook removed the following options from list targeting: lung cancer awareness, LGBT culture, Jewish holidays, and social issues, health, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and political beliefs. So, if you have used these in the past you will want to find other ways to target.

Don’t forget that these channels are also for customer service. You need to monitor comments and respond quickly to any issues posted. Show others how much you care about customer satisfaction by solving problems and creating happy customers. Are you ready to start your 2022 strategy? Need help? Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org. We are glad to help!

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