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4 Facebook Ad Considerations

Facebook has been found to be the most effective digital marketing channel. This means that you need to be marketing here. There are important things to consider when building a Facebook ad. One of the best parts about running Facebook ads is that if you are not getting the results you were expecting you can make changes right away. Try a different image, offer, or copy to see if that makes a difference, if not you may need to rethink your audience.

Facebook Ad Considerations:

Audiences – Making sure that your Facebook ads go to the right people is the most important thing. There are several ways to target people. One that is very effective is using Facebook custom audiences.  You can choose to show your ads to people who have recently viewed your website, people who have looked at sales pages, or even people who have looked at specific products. Another great one is Facebook lookalike audiences, which allow you to build targeted lists of prospects who share characteristics with your current customers.

Offer – After your audience, your offer is the most important aspect to get people to respond to your ad. They key is to create more persuasive ads. To do this right you need to use psychology. There are actually six different techniques you can choose from, they are reciprocation, commitment, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity. The one that will work best for you will depend on what you are selling and who you are selling to.

Facebook Video Ads – Did you know that people who view videos are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-video viewers. Over 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day. When making these ad videos keep them short and to the point. Also add captions, according to Facebook, they increase video view time by an average of 12%. Consider trying this type of ad if you have not done so before.

Facebook analytics – There are key metrics you should be looking at all the time, such as, are your fans are buying from you, tracking the conversions across channels, mentions, target groups and traffic. Obviously, there are a ton of other options that you have available to track as well. The main point is to make sure you are tracking the metrics that matter for reaching your marketing goals.

A great Facebook ad design helps you grab attention and tell your story, but your audience and offer will drive results. Facebook Ads are incredibly versatile so make sure you are making the most out of your ads. You need to be constantly testing and measuring what works to get the best results. Are you ready to get started? Call us in San Diego at (619) 448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org. We are glad to help!

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