Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media is not like other marketing channels as the approach and overall success is different.Social media offers two-way communication unlike ads. It can help you build your brand, humanize your business and build relationships with prospects and customers that are not available thru the other channels.

Social media can and should be used for both marketing and customer service. It is important to be listening to what people are saying about your company. You can use it as a tool to engage and give advice to prospects. Since social media is a public forum you will be able to show off to everyone what a great and responsive company you are.

Your reputation as a knowledgeable and responsive company will spread. Social media can build your brand and increase awareness about your company. Why would you not want that? You should embrace and build upon social media so that you?can incorporate it into your marketing?with other channels. Integration is the key to brand recognition and awareness. Have fun with it.

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