Let’s start with why you follow or like companies. Is it because they provide the information you need, coupons or other things you are interested in? Sometimes it’s just because they are funny. The best brands use a combination of funny and useful information along with coupons to keep people coming back. Are you doing that? While it may seem that funny posts have no value, they really do. They help your brand seem more human and get people to share your posts with their contacts while getting people to talk about your brand. What’s not to like about that?

So mixing in some funny, along with the important info and coupons will greatly increase your reach and the number of followers/likes you get. When you get people laughing they come away with a more positive review of your brand and remember you better.

Here are a few tips for adding humor to your social media:

  • Find ways to make fun of yourself: By finding humor within your own company, you really humanize your brand
  • Keep it simple: The more intricate the humor, the less people are inclined to read it. Short and simple works best.
  • Keep it clean: This one should be obvious, but it needs to be said. Keep away from politics, hot button issues and anything inappropriate. The point is to not offend anyone.
  • Be smart: Be funny with facetious and smart analogies; it really makes your brand look intelligent as well as funny.

One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will get your humor or appreciate it. Make sure to consider each humorous post from all angles before moving forward. Make sure you are thinking about the comments from your reader’s perspective. Test it with several different personality types within your organization first. Don’t forget to have fun with it!

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