To begin in social media, you need to keep in mind that you will have to seek out friends and fans, get them engaged with you and pass you on to their other friends. You cannot sit idle and wait for people to come to you. It won’t work. Be sure to share information that is related to your brand but is also interesting to your followers. Do not keep saying the same things over and over. Mix up your branding with some fun tips or pictures and links that are helpful.

Most important and really the KEY to social media is listening. Pay attention to what others are saying about you and respond to that. Engage everyone not just the people saying good things about you. The quickest way to change a negative into a positive is to respond. Do what you can to fix the issue, the effort you make to correct a situation goes a long way with everyone following you.

In social media you must humanize your brand. People want to see interactions with your company as human interactions. They will connect better with you and respond more when you do. You build relationships with people and they will continue to engage with you and spread your message to others. Ask questions, keep conversations going, don’t be a heavy and only push out information, be the company that others want to follow for good information and some fun facts.

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