When people hear the term social media marketing, they instantly think Facebook. However, social media marketing is so much more; sites like Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on are all good relevant social sites. So what is social media marketing? Social media marketing is a unique medium for businesses, in that it allows you to humanize your business, connect with your prospects/customers on a personal level.

5 benefits of social media marketing: 

  1. Build Trust: By continually connecting with prospects/customers, businesses build trust and familiarity as well as increase the likelihood that those prospects/customers will refer their friends and family to your business.
  2. Build Exposure: By getting your followers to engage with your content, you are increasing your exposure to their followers. In turn, if they engage their followers will see your content and so on. This is how content goes viral, the more people who see it and pass it along the bigger it gets.
  3. Gather Information: By using your followers to get feedback you can utilize this information for future marketing, generate ideas and create a stronger relationship with them. Make them feel a part of the decision making process and you will hook them to you for life.
  4. Listening: You can learn a lot about how your brand is perceived by listening to all the social media channels. This will allow you to see if your messaging and branding are working. Beware: you do not need to respond to everything you hear (unless there is an urgent customer service issue), just be aware of what is being said, where and by whom.
  5. Engagement: Social media marketing needs to be fun too. Your followers are more likely to engage with you when your content is more than just business. Let them see your humor and share it. The humanizing of your brand will draw people in and help to create them into advocates for your business.

Social media marketing will provide you with opportunities that other marketing channels do not. Take advantage of the benefits listed above and so much more. Don’t feel like it will be too difficult. There are many tools available to you for scheduling and listening. It does not have to be a full time job. You can become the go to business for people through social media marketing. Go get started today!

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