As we quickly approach the end of 2014 we need to consider what email marketing should look like for 2015. We have put together a list of 5 things you should do with your design. Email marketing can be very effective when done correctly. Target your list to the correct people, create a strong call to action and then a well thought out design will round out good email marketing.

5 Design Tips:

  1. Mobile: Design with mobile in mind. Use a format that is easily read and acted upon with a mobile device. This means buttons for links and short to the point text.

  2. Images: Keep in mind that most email software does not show the images unless the user chooses to see them. Therefore keep images to a minimum and always include alt text when you use them.

  3. Colors: Do not use a dark color background with reversed out white text. This is very hard to read. Your message will be lost or worse just deleted.

  4. Fonts: Use standard fonts. You want the email to look the way you designed it. When fonts are substituted because the system does not have the font installed, your design may turn out strange looking.

  5. Scan: Create your format for easy scanning. People will not read everything in the email. Using bold, bullets and highlights can make it easy for them to understand without having to read it all.

When someone opens your emails, what they see is going to determine what they do next. This is where a beautiful, professional-looking email designed to drive action is crucial. An email marketing plan might sound complicated, intimidating, and time-consuming to put together, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Use these tips to create a recognizable brand experience with every message you send. It’s the best way to ensure that the great information you share doesn’t end up in spam or the deleted items folder.

Learn 15 Tips for better Email Marketing!

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