Funny how quickly we’ve all become attached to our mobile phones and feel lost without them. This is an especially good thing for marketers, as we can now reach people instantly. But, none of that matters if we are not giving people what they need. Here are some content ideas for your mobile marketing.

  1. Mobile applications: These allow you to get in front of your customers are prospects as frequently as they use the app. Make sure when you are coming up with your app idea that you are addressing a need in your prospects and customers. How is this app going to help them?
  2. Coupons: This is a great way to get coupons to customers quickly. If you have a quick 1 or 2 hour special sale you can get that information delivered instantly without having to plan so far ahead.
  3. Contests:  You can have people respond to your contests via mobile. In most cases this gives you a boost in the number of responses since it is so easy to respond.
  4. Updates or urgent alerts: Mobile is a great way to provide information to your prospects and customers.
  5. Donations: Using mobile text donations can really boost your acquisition dollars. Getting someone to donate right when they are feeling very emotional about your organization will increase the donation amount.

Mobile marketing can create better relationships with your customers and prospects by providing them with relevant information, savings or other useful things. By doing this you become more important to them and they will continue to interact with you and recommend you to others.

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Benefits of Integrated Mobile Marketing Whitpaper