Your direct mail does not need to be boring. In the old days you created a mailer with lots of copy, a few pictures and sent them to everyone. Now days, we use less copy, more pictures and send to the people most likely to respond. So you wonder, what else can you do? Since direct mail is a tangible form of marketing, why not use that to your advantage?

Here are 5 ideas on how to spice it up:

  1. Use Texture: Coatings can give your mailer a real feel that is very unique. They can be soft to the touch (this works well for fabric softener or pet fur; think pat the bunny), rough (this works well for brick or other hard items; think nail file), raised can create a dimensional feel (works well with steps or blocks).
  2. Use Metallic: Make your products shine with metallic ink. Create sparkle or shine in key areas of your mailer to make them stand out. Imagine Disney princesses with metallic sparkle dresses on a mailer.  They would stand out much more that way.
  3. Use Smell: Add scent to your mailer to emphasize your product. It’s not just for perfume. Imagine what scents a landscaper could use floral, grass, pine, etc. You can even use bad scents to emphasize how horrible it is without your product or service. I think I would hold back on this if I were a Plummer though! That scent, while funny may be a little too much!
  4. Use Thermochromic ink: This ink is really cool! It changes colors when the temperatures change. Think of all the great things you can do with this ink! You have seen them on beer bottles to tell you they are cold, what if your mailer changed color when you touch it? How could you use that to grab attention for your product or service?
  5. Use Lenticular print: Create images that move as you move the mailer or have them change. You can also change the messages. Look at it one way and it tells you to go to this website, look at it another way and the instruction changes. Need to create a creepy feel, use eyes that folllow you every direction! This is a fun way to make your mailer stand out.

Direct mail is about engagement, drawing the recipient into your marketing by creating interest in your mailer. The more interesting it is the better response you are going to get. You will also find that when you create a direct mailer that people really found to be creative, they show others. This is not going viral, but has the same effect, the more people who see it, talk about it, and share it, the better your response will be. Keep in mind as you are incorporating these new methods that it is ok to be funny. Humor is a great way to be remembered.

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