Mobile Marketing does not have to be a big investment, but in order to be effective you need a good plan. Planning your strategy before execution is a must or else you are throwing money away. Many marketers are not sure where to start with the plan. So we have come up with some helpful tips to get you started. There are a total of 3 steps, let’s take a look at each one.

Step 1: This is about your company:

  1. What customers/prospects are you trying to serve? Knowing your target audience is extremely important.

  2. How will you convey value to them? This can be difficult, but very beneficial when you get it right.

  3. What is your differentiation? How do you stand out and provide better for the customer? When you have this well-defined it is easy to state and prove.

  4. What can you do/sell for them? Do not try to be the be-all end-all for everyone. This is your chance to focus.

Step 2: This is about your customers:

  1. Who is your best customer? Do not just focus on profit, but also on how easy they are to work with. Sometimes the ones we think provide the most profit are actually sucking up so much of our time that they are less valuable than the ones that are easier to work with.

  2. What is most important to them? If you don’t know, ask. Do not assume because if you get it wrong you are wasting money.

  3. What can you do to help them with their most important problem? Evaluate what you learned in the previous question and figure out how best to apply that to your knowledge set.

  4. Where can you find prospects most like your best customers? This can be trade groups, associations or events that similar companies gather at.

Now you know about yourself and your customer, you are ready to move on to step 3 where the mobile marketing campaign planning starts. Many companies just begin a step 3 and never consider step 1 and 2. In order to create the best mobile marketing campaigns you really need to go through step 1 and 2 before moving onto step 3.

Step 3: Mobile questions:

  1. Who are you sending to and how will you send it? MMS/SMS are options, are you ready for that or do you want to start with your website and landing pages?

  2. What is your message? This needs to be clear and concise.

  3. What is your call to action? What do you want them to do? Plan this action step by step all the way through the process.

  4. What design will work best for these people and the message/call to action? Remember that you are planning for mobile use, test your designs on all types of mobile devices from tablets to phones as well as different models.

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The best mobile marketing is targeted to the correct people with an offer they cannot refuse and give you a way to track it.. Really take the time to think from the point of view of your customer/prospects. In many cases it helps to have a person outside your organization look at it to provide feedback. Also, do not be afraid to consult with your best customers. The more you learn the better you are able to offer real value. Many times within the organization we make assumptions that our customers/prospects would not, make sure you are not doing that. You do not need to jump right into MMS/SMS, you can start with printed pieces and use QR codes to drive people online. Create responsive design landing pages as well as your website as a starting point, then use the plan above to see where your customers need you to expand.

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