The most important thing that your marketing needs to do is to create in order to get a response is trust in your brand as well as your company. If you cannot create trust, you will not get the results you are looking for.  The power of direct mail marketing is that it is viewed by recipients as trustworthy, much more so than email and online. Making sure to include direct mail in your marketing mix will make it easier for your marketing to convey trust.

How can you convey trust in your direct mail? Here are the 5 C’s:

  1. Clear: State your message in a clear and concise way. The more muddled your message the less people will trust it, let alone understand it.
  2. Character: Show what your company’s character is by design as well as messaging. What are your company values? Include the top two so that it is understood what your company stands for. This does not need to be done with words you can convey this with images and color.
  3. Competence: Provide examples or testimonials to show that your company knows what they are doing and can help your prospects/customers.
  4. Commitment: You can do this by stating how long you have been in business or how you have solved complicated problems for your customers. You can also use images and color to create this as well as character.
  5. Consistent: Make sure that you are providing information in a way that is not only consistent with your brand but also with your messaging.

Remember that the structure of your messaging is going to be all about the recipient. What their pain points are and ways that they can be helped by you. There should be no “I, me, we” wording. It should all be “you” statements. Creating a design and messaging that reflect the 5 elements above and are “you” statements can be difficult, but you will get a better response when you are able to do that. Make sure to involve people who are outside of your organization to review your design and wording. They can provide real feedback without the influence of company norms or culture. One final note, remember to have your design reviewed for postal regulations before you print.

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