Direct mail is a very powerful marketing channel. Suck people into your marketing funnel with compelling copy. How can you best leverage it? One of the most important factors is your mail list. In this article we are assuming that your list is targeted and ready to go. We will give you the next key factors to focus on after the list. The best list in the world will not help your direct mail to be effective if the following items are not well developed.

Here are some keys to creating compelling direct mail marketing:

  1.  Provide as many ways to respond as you can: Give them a phone number, email address, website, and any other information where they can contact you. Make sure you use a call to action and tell them what you want them to do.
  2. Focus on benefits: Do not mention features only what the recipient can benefit from. The benefits should be simple and concise. Use bullets or bolding to make them stand out. It is also a good idea to put one in the headline.
  3. Create the offer: The offer needs to relate to the benefits and needs to include an expiration date to compel them to respond quickly. Use the offer after the benefits. Keep it straight to the point and short. Make sure the offer is interesting. It is a good idea to go outside your organization to friends or family to get feedback on your offer. You can also use the offer copy as a test. Take two different offers, split your list in half and see which one does better.
  4. Layout: Do not use too much copy. Break up copy with bullets, bolding and images. Images are a good way to convey a message without having to use words.

These four things will help drive responses for your direct mail with a good list. As always make sure to track your results. That way you can continue to do what works well while testing for new ways to do better.

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